Apply As A Licensed Independent Consultant




In order for us to better evaluate whether you will have a good chance of success as a PEC Entertainment Consultant Associate please give us some background on what you have done in the past,  what you currently do and how it applies to becoming a licensed associate in entertainment and booking services.   Please be as complete as possible to assist us as we will be investing in the long term success of those with whom we are able to work.   Include your web site if you have one.  We do evaluate each application based on the background information provided and appropriateness to work with us. Please note we cannot consider applicants who do not have at least 5 years experience in the entertainment or event planning industries, which is to say AT LEAST 5 years working as a professional musician band leader/booker or 5 years as an event or wedding planner with established clients.


Be sure to furnish all of the requested information as we cannot consider or respond to your request for a license agreement without all of the following information. 


1. Name

2. Address

3. E-mail

4. Phone

5. Complete Background On Your Experience in the Entertainment and event industry


E-mail your information to:

Please feel free to attach resume, background, bio or other supporting material for your application.


By submitting your information you understand that you must be approved and sign a full license agreement, which will be provided by PEC upon approval, prior to beginning any work or representing yourself as a PEC licensed agent. You agree that you have read and understand the terms of the Licensing Agreement.