Style: Choose the Style Closest To What You Are Looking For.  Most acts list Multiple styles for example a Jazz Band May List, Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Standards...   Just choose the style closest to what you want.  Each act will display ALL the styles they do in your search results.


Entertainer Name: If you are looking for a specific act or performer type a full or partial name.

A Partial name will help if you are not sure EXACTLY how the act spelled it in the data base.  For example if you want to find "The Big Bad Swinging Show Band",  you may want to simply put "Big Bad" and  you will find any group that includes the exact phrase "Big Bad"


Zip Code:  Type the first 2 or 3 numbers of the zip code where your event will take place to narrow your search.  For example if your Event will take place in the zip code 94133... simply put 94 in the zip code field and you will get any act that is based in an area with zip codes 94001 to 94999


Market Area:  Rather than choose a city, Choose a Market area in which the performer is based.  For example Choose a Major Metropolitan Area or Major City Near where your event will take Place.  Don't necessarily choose the exact city where your event will be, especially if it is a smaller or suburban city!


Less Information will result in more search results.   If you put too much information, such as city, style,  full zip... if ANY of your search terms are not correct for a given act,  that act will NOT show up as part of your search.   For a broader search,  include less information, for example: Choose Style and Region only... You can always narrow your search later if you have too many choices!