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World Fusion Music
The award-winning music of Ancient Future combines the contemporary sounds of jazz and rock with the irresistible rhythms of African, Balinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and South American percussion, the rich harmonies of Europe, and the beautiful melodies of Asia. In short, their music is an exhilarating fusion of exciting rhythms and exotic sounds from around the globe.

The members of Ancient Future have looked beyond their American roots for inspiration by studying with the master musicians of many world music traditions, from Balinese gamelan director Madé Gerindem to North Indian sarod master Ali Akbar Khan. They use their knowledge of world music to create something new and uniquely their own that is respected by pundits from the cultures whose traditions are a part of the mix. According to INDIA CURRENTS, Ancient Future "plays with technical brilliance and gypsy-like fire," and their music "demonstrates the continuing beneficial influence of Indian music upon world culture."

BILLBOARD calls the group "trendsetters " for contributing to the emerging genre known as world fusion music, a term Ancient Future coined at its inception in 1978 for music that blends musical ideas from many different cultures.1 Ancient Future has sought to expand its musical palette by collaborating with traditional musicians from around the world, from Bolivian panpipe master Gonzalo Vargas to Vietnamese dan bao master Bui Huu Nhut. Through cross cultural exchange, Ancient Future has created a musical world without borders.

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In Concert

Ancient Future has performed hundreds of concerts throughout the U.S.A., headlining such venues as New York City's Carnegie Recital Hall, San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, and Eugene's Hult Center for the Performing Arts, and appearing at every type of imaginable festival from the Asian/Pacific Festival of Fortune to the Northwest Regional Folklife Festival, to the Festival at the Lake, to the Sacramento River Jazz Festival. In concert, this group of virtuoso multi-instrumentalists is known for its stunningly rhythmic live show that simultaneously features the subtle, intricate, and elegant melodic aspects of world music that Ancient Future has received such acclaim for on its recordings.

Because of their many influences, Ancient Future is equally at home on any bill, be it rock, jazz, folk, classical or world music. The group has shared bills with other leading artists including Tower of Power, Woodstock's Country Joe McDonald, Jefferson Starship's Craig Chaquico, Sukay, San Jose Taiko, Kitka, Acoustic Alchemy, Tania Maria, Shadowfax, Alex De Grassi, Ottmar Liebert, and John Fahey, and even non-musical attractions such as the Incredible Acrobats of China.