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Keith Stickley
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Magical Entertainer Keith Stickley is truly a versatile entertainer. Credits include three tours in China/Hong Kong, five years as an official magician representing Chef Boyardee products (over 190 performances), many years of experience in outdoor fair / festival entertainment, and corporate and trade show events for some of the largest automotive, pharmaceutical, casino, biotech, and civic organizations in the United States and abroad. Born October 14, 19??, magician Keith Mortimer Stickley was born as a "long lost heir" to the Stickley Furniture Company family fortune. The company had a strong reputation to be upheld, creating pieces for the likes of Barbra Streisand, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others. Deviating from his families wishes to carry on the tradition of fine furniture making, a young Keith began creating simple amusements in the basement of his fathers wood shop. It wasn't long before the young lad was playing tricks on the other craftsmen in his families shop, such as cutting off various body parts, making tools vanish, and making a general mess of things. In his early teens after touring the world with his Au Pair, Keith decided he MUST take to the earth his zany form of entertainment. Not quite making it in the world of fine furniture. he is out to make a name for himself!