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Pressure Ridge

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Pressure Ridge is Steve & Kristi Nebel, a country variety duo. Steve plays guitar, Kristi plays bass guitar, and both of them sing lead and harmonies. They have been working at music, traveling across Alaska and Canada playing for the last sixteen years. They play a wide variety of listening and dance music calculated to please all ages. They have been keeping a regular schedule of music bookings in Washington state. Both have been performing variety music since the late 70s.

“Steve & Kristi Nebel are a powerhouse duo . . . (whose) many talents could never be contained in a box, no matter how large. . . Let us feel the drive that makes us all keep on keepin' on.” - Barbara Seitz, Potbelly Deli

“the Nebels know how to take an interesting subject, draw you into the tale, and make you care about the people and places they chronicle.” - Denise Sofranko – Dirty Linen Magazine

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