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I'm a classically trained flutist who has broken free. I have reached beyond my classical training to delve into music that moves my mind, body, and soul. Stepping out of my comfort zone has opened up the space for new musical territory.

I offer a wide variety of music, including popular cover songs and a collection of my own original compositions which range from new age to dubstep and everything in between. All of my songs are played from memory, which means I'm free to move along and have choreographed dances to some of my songs!

My stage name Bevani is a personal variation on the Indian word, "Bhavani," which translates as "Illuminating, Creating, Imagining." These actions capture exactly the way of being in the world that I want my music and Bevani performances to embody.

​​​​​​My goal as a performing artist is to continually explore new ways of relating to my music, myself and connecting with the audience. Music continues to be a journey of self-discovery and growth.