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California Celts
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Who are the California Celts?

The California Celts with some of our fansPowered by indie record label Invisible Mass, the California Celts are the Armitage brothers from the hills of Yucca Valley in the Mojave Desert, CA. From Riverside on guitar, melodica and vocals is Miguelangelo La Marque Casares a.k.a. “Pirate Mike”. Navy Corpsman “Navy Davy” Macias plays guitar. Brad Pitt's cousin Tommy Cooper is on trumpet and stage table dancing. On Celtic harp is Patty Hood. She is a performing and recording member of the 80's pop band from Australia, The Church.

The Cali Celts music draws from the worldwide catalog of Celtic, Nautical and Island music. Their style can hold a crowd, young and old.

Their music reflects this in subtle tones of Reggae, Bluegrass, Mexicano and Rock. The California Celts are a unique group of minstrels that pay homage to the Scotch-Irish musical thread and its journey from the Old World to The Americas and beyond. Hear the Appalachian influence as it seamlessly weaves its way to the California songs of the 49ers.

The California Celts are a one of a kind experience.

Press Praise

“Every set starts off with a Celtic parade that features bagpipes, brass and drums. From the street to the stage, the pipe processional is absorbed by warmth of the rhythm section. The Cali Celts then launch into their extensive repertoire of songs including Scottish jigs, Irish standards, Celtic originals and songs of California. To top it off, the lads do a bit of ancient mouth music to make the two 2 hr. sets authentic and complete.”
- The New Times, San Luis Obispo, Aug 12 -19 2010

“The California Celts have an onslaught of a show, playing everything from their classics like 'Slow Down Sister' and 'Love is Stronger Than Pride' to obscure and infectious Hibernian reels. -Jamie Winpenny Honolulu Weekly, March 15-21 2006.”
- Jamie Winpenny - Honolulu Weekly

“The California Celts have pioneered, if not invented, the genre of Celtic Ska by drawing on their experience as fifth generation Scottish Californians.”
- The Pines, NAU Alumni magazine. Flagstaff, AZ Summer 2010
Lisa Altomare - The Pines, NAU Alumni magazine

“If you are looking for something fresh and different in the current Celtic Folk Punk scene try the California Celts.”
- Kinksmarkham -