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Brittany Walsh A Well Balanced Performer.
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Brittany was raised doing gymnastics, and competed nationally and internationally for 12 years. She moved on from competition at the age of 18 years, but chose to remain close to the sport by coaching and choreographing routines for national level gymnasts. In spring of 2005, Brittany discovered the art of hand balancing and unearthed an intense passion within. In fall of the same year, Brittany was accepted as a company member of the renowned physical theatre company known as Do Jump!. There, new avenues of physicality and creativity were opened to her through dance, acrobatics, and work on various aerial apparatus. Since this time, Brittany has trained and collaborated with very well-recognized circus instructors and performers and has developed her skill to exactitude over the years. To this day, Brittany has continued working with Do Jump!, performing locally and nationally, and has established a name for herself as a solo hand balancer and contortionist in the Portland Metro area.