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Nicholas Capobianco
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Hire Nick/Nicholas Capobianco to perform at your private parties, special events, and/or festivals! Nick is an incredible performer boasting skills in Chinese/Japanese Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Circus Arts, and Fire Dancing.

Nick's favorite specialties include fire(or LED) dancing with the "Rope Dart" or "Meteor Hammer." An eye catching show as the dart is manipulated in death-defying feats of precision and acrobatics such as being wrapped around the neck, kicked, and even held while on fire! Nick is generally a solo act/stand alone performer to add to any act, however a partner can also be brought by Nick in order to perform partner acrobatics and acro Yoga (can also be done with fire!)

> Nick is great at entertaining all audiences young and old. Some other reasons to hire Nick at your special events or birthday parties would be flow art demonstrations(Poi, Staff, Fans, Sword), Acro Yoga, Acro Balancing, Tarot Readings, and Astrology readings.