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Michael Rosman
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Michael Rosman's Amazing Feats of Comedy combines original tricks and stunts with a sense of humor and comedic action that gives audiences a wonderfully crafted program they'll remember long after the show. Whether juggling chainsaws or riding 6' tall unicycles, Michael Rosman holds audiences captivated. The jokes come non-stop as Michael balances on a board, on a bowling ball, on a table, and juggles torches. If that's not enough, watch as he catapults fruit into a blender strapped to his head. That's right. A blender. On his head. Alternating between the fine expertise of a polished performer with klutz and slapstick humor, Michael keeps audiences on the edge of their seats for a fantastic, fun-filled show. Michael is unique among performers in his field, thanks to his training at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College. He's also a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Finance degree. This dichotomy adds to Michael's unsurpassed talent, and gives his show a distinctive flair. It's not just Michael on the stage, audience participation is key to his show - don't be surprised if you find yourself helping Michael as he balances, juggles, and entertains.