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Panduo was created in 1996 by the leaders of two of Seattle's most active steel drum groups in order to offer you the best in steel drum music at an affordable price. With high-quality pre-programmed accompaniment tracks combined with the excitement and sparkle of live steel drums, the music sounds full, classy, and fun at an affordable price.

Besides the low cost, there are other advantages to the format offered by Panduo:

Only a small space (about 6' by 9' or so) is required for set-up, making it the perfect format for restaurants, in-home parties, or boat cruises.

With a minimal amount of equipment and musical instruments, set-up is quick and clean, and portability is enhanced.

With a small sound system and only two sets of steel drums, the volume is controllable over a wide range. For small rooms, Panduo can play softer than larger bands, while still having the ability to fill a larger room with sound if necessary.

The repertoire of Panduo offers much variety and flexibility. Calypso and Soca, the music styles most commonly associated with steel drums, is more than adequately covered in the book, with decades-old standards like "Yellowbird" and "Jamaican Farewell." Panduo keeps current, also, and includes in their repertoire more contemporary songs by the likes of Trinidad calypsonian Lord Kitchener, as well as Reggae standards from the likes of Bob Marley. In addition to the danceable Caribbean styles, Panduo also plays many relaxed Latin jazz and pop tunes, a necessary element for background music jobs like poolside parties, cocktail receptions, and dinners. The group even includes several seasonal favorites in their repertoire, making them perfect for private or company holiday parties.

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