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Paul Whistler & Nora Michaels

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Live Music For Any Size Venue!!! Legendary Asbury Park Soul Master, PAUL WHISTLER teams up with Seattle's "Chanteuse of the Blues", Miss NORA MICHAELS to present the very best in live "Post Modern Blues" entertainment, customized to fit any size venue or event. "Post Modern Blues" is the term that best describes the music of Paul & Nora. It's an all encompassing term that shows how today's music is a hy-bred of everything that's gone before. So, Paul & Nora don't play that old fashion, down in the Delta, chain-gang, cotton picking blues. They never been down on the Delta. never been on the chain gang. never picked cotton. they are influenced by everything they grew up with. Blues, Jump, Jive, Swing, Rhythm & Blues,Soul, Jazz, Pop, Standards, Showtunes, Rock and Roll, Rock-a-Billy, Originals, and even TV themes is represented in their music.

Whistler says, "I've been influenced by all the 'Louies'. Louis Armstrong. Louie Jordan. Louis Prima, and Louie Louie!!!" It's an eclectic mix to be sure. but it's sure to entertain the discriminating listner who can't help being influenced by the same things. Remember, it not Blues. It's Blusey and it's Soulful because that's how Whistler sings it. and it's classy and sassy because that's how Nora is. and it works because that's how they live it!

Paul and Nora are able to perform in any size format. from an intimate vocal Duo with guitar and / or electronic keyboards (for a produced "full band" effect). all the way up to a full blown out revue. it all depends on the budget. Also. Nora is widly known for her self-penned, award winning, one woman show, "La Mome Piaf" about the life, loves, and music of France's greatest singer, the legendary Edith Piaf! This show can also be performed with just a piano accompaniment all the way up to a full orchestra.

Any way you cut it, you have two accomplished entertainers performing to the best of their abilities.