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Rare Blend
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In 1993, Samalot and Holt started Rare Blend as a studio project involved in writing music for a video production company for video and film projects after they had played together in several bands. This vehicle has been a great opportunity to expand musically and incorporate many styles in their writing.

Rare Blend is a an original jazz fusion, instrumental rock band from Cleveland Ohio. We are dedicated to promoting our original material within the genre described. We take pride in our name by gelling a variety of styles to create our unique "blend" of music. Definitely different and as one reviewer put it, "Rare Blend is sure to cut a swath through the jazz rock field". The new CD,INFINITY, is receiving favorable press, and is opening avenues for performing and increased exposure. Sites such as PEC and others also are helping independents like us to reach out to a larger audience. Please note, in addition to our original music the band rounds out performance sets with covers by artists such as: Sting, Santana, Vital Information, Steve Miller, Sade, Tribal Tech, Neville Brothers, John Scofield, Robben Ford, Rippingtons, etc.