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Ray Kraemer

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Ballads that have become standards over the years are due primarily to the creativity of America's greatest composers and lyricists.

It was an era of music where thought, feelings and sensitivity were a major part of these compositions and were created to tell a story, whether of love, hardships, loyalty or just plain fun. And, listeners can associate with them because they are melodic and understandable.

For over four decades Wausau pianist, Ray Kraemer, has been putting his own personal style on these ballads, starting with his own group called The Entertainers. He now performs exclusively as a solo act employing bass and percussion as an integral part of his piano. Ray is very unique in that he is one of perhaps four pianists in the country who plays his own bass using bass pedals set up under the piano such as an organist would do.

Today, Ray is hired for many private functions including:

Wedding Receptions
Cocktail and Dinner Parties
Birthday Parties
Holiday Events
and more.

There are no pyrotechnics here. What you hear is a very tastful, no-nonsense, fundamental approach to these ballads, incorporating pleasing chord structures and melody lines. At no time does the listener get side-tracked with off-the-wall dynamics. You can feel and follow the melody with no effort. You know where Ray is taking you, and you're happy to go along for the ride.