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Search Party

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The Search Party brings fresh energy and spark to an exciting repertoire of rock, pop, r&b, reggae and more. For over a decade now, this Boston based 5-piece band has been thrilling audiences with dynamic performances that rate absolutely second to none.

Many first saw The Search Party in 1994 during their appearance on the national television talent show, Star Search. Others have become fans after hearing them perform at clubs, weddings, corporate parties or concert dates. Their critically acclaimed CD of original music, "Days of Magic," brought more people into the fold and showed that this was a group that delivers much more than most.

The Search Party consists of five world class musicians, all of whom compose and record on their own in addition to their membership in the band. These musicians ensure to throw a great party with great music including Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, Earth, Wind and Fire, Norah Jones, Glen Miller, Bob Marley, Santana and Frank Sinatra.

This band is different from most you've heard. Musically trained, yet inherently funky, they have a stunning command of widely varied styles, as well as genuine enthusiasm for making a party come alive. They're on time, on target and on fire. Laid-back or tuxedoed, they make every performance fresh.