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Toni Land
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Toni Land, an award winning singer/songwriter, popster out of the Pacific Northwest is dishing up her new "Karaoke King", the followup to her national hit "Have you Ever Seen Your Real Love?" off of her album "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast".

Heavy continuous phones. Top requested song among our female audience. --John Taylor, KEZT

Toni Land is an artist of uncommon emotional dimension -- both as a recording and a performing artist. As a songwriter, she is a compelling blend of brains and passion whose songs are infused with power, perception and poetic grace." --Steve Cahill, President Portland Songwriters Association

Land's music is inspiring, strong and consistently dynamic. It ranks right up there with the best in the business. -- Jan Best, Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine

Toni Land has done it again! On the heels of her national pop hit "Have You Ever Seen Your Real Love?" from her debut album "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast," Land's newly released, "Karaoke King", is also destined for the charts. Radio stations throughout the Northwest are currently driving this funky, fun EP to the top and making her much sought-after for live performances and appearances.

Stylistically, her musical blend of pop and rock is uncommonly perceptive and thematically challenging. Land weaves a colorful fabric of melodies and images that stick like glue. Land reveals her uncommon emotional dimension with songs like the edgy and modern, "I Don't like You", to her emotionally charged "Cry Out Loud." She earns comparisons to Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple, and Bonnie Raitt while remaining very much an original. Land

's talent as a singer/songwriter has resulted in recognition that has earned her several LA publishing and production deals. Last year, the Portland Songwriter's Association awarded her Best Pop-Rock Songwriter and nominated her for their Master's Award. The 1997 Two Louies Poll also nominated her as Best Songwriter.

As creator of "The Power of Performance" and "The Miracle of Performance" workshops, Land also provides performance consultation to artists, musicians, stage performers, public speakers, and corporate presenters. Land's workshops help performers create more dynamic and exciting presentations TONI LAND is now available for performance coaching and consulting. She will work with individuals and groups, children and adults.