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What is the Michael Silver Show? It's a 60 minute action packed show which answers the question "What would it be like if I had magical abilities?" If you could really do magic you would likely make money appear at your fingertips, read people's minds, predict the future, be impervious to pain, silently influence the actions of people around you, and be able to memorize anything at will for later perfect recall. The Michael Silver Show entertains, inspires, mesmerizes, and keeps your audience smiling and laughing. It's the kind of show which prompted a guest to remark "Wow, it was like you were for real." Some of the things you'll experience and help make happen in my show:

• A shuffled deck of cards is memorized in less than 60 seconds

• A pair of glasses enable me to read your mind

• A Word merely thought of by a volunteer is revealed in the pages of a randomly shredded newspaper

• A signed bill vanishes and impossibly reappears inside a nest of bags securely held by a spectator

• Audience members create a lottery ticket from any state with six random numbers and any dollar amount prize only to discover that Michael predicted everything in advance and sealed it inside an envelope kept in a secure location

• A random word picked from a TIME magazine and thought of by an audience member is revealed. Not only that, Michael goes on to show that he has completely memorized the magazine and can describe any requested page in detail!

The Michael Silver Show is contained in a briefcase and can be set up within moments in just about any location for almost any size audience. Whether your event is 12 people at a small restaurant, your region's top sales staff meeting for lunch at the Hilton, or the entire 1000 person-strong company gathering for a holiday celebration the Michael Silver Show will keep them entertained and smiling. guaranteed! Watch my online video and see real reactions.


Most of what I do during strolling magic are adaptations of my full show. I just don't talk as loud. I have several ways of approaching a group and engaging their attention. I am sensitive to the energy of the group I am approaching. not everyone would like some entertainment. That sometimes being the case, I perform a 30 second effect, thank the guests for attending and move on to another group. If the group likes what I am doing (and I can usually turn them around if they are hesitant) I continue for up to five minutes then move on. Watch my video to see me in action. Things you'll see during my strolling show:

• Mind-reading

• Card magic

• Gold coins materialize at my fingertips

• Money magic

• Effects with dice

• Signed bills appear in impossible locations

• Laughter and amusement


You've paid quite a bit of money to represent your business at a trade show. Why leave it to chance and hope that you generate some leads or sales? The economy, booth location, banner design, or roll-out timing are common excuses for a mediocre trade show run. What you need is an attractor factor to get some excitement and lowered inhibitions at your booth space. Laser pointers, free coffee mugs, ladies in bikinis, small bags of custom-printed M&Ms or key chains are common promotional items which get tossed into a bag, then a suitcase, and then emptied into a drawer or trash can when someone returns home. Is that were you want your message? No, you want it in someone's brain.

A positive memory of a fun experience at a booth is something which is not easily tossed away upon arriving home. I performed over 600 shows at Six Flags on the street surrounded by roller coasters, strolling costume characters, carnival games and the smell of cooking food. an environment exactly like a trade exhibition. Don't believe me? Watch how people walk around at an amusement park and then at a trade show.

People are instinctively attracted to large groups of people. if someone else is there, what is happening must be of interest, otherwise no one would spend their time at that location. However, just getting people to the location is not enough. At a recent show, I heard someone announce over a PA, "Who wants to win a 3G Iphone?" Within moments a swarm of people crowded around a booth and that crowd drew an even bigger crowd. There were cheers and then 2 minutes later the crowd was gone. I asked two businessmen walking away what happened:

"They were giving away an IPhone."
"Wow, that's pretty cool," I said. "What was their product?"
They both looked at each. "Umm, I don't know. Something to do with hard drives. Do you remember, Morris?"
Morris shook his head. "No. I didn't win, as usual. I never win at this stuff. I should've had my wife here; she's always winning at this sort of stuff."

Four people gave me similar answers. That booth might as well have gone outside, handed an IPhone to a taxi driver and walked away.

Another company was doing something similar with pink rabbit ears that people were to wear on their head, and if chosen at random would win a vacation. None of the people I spoke to (and I asked because I wanted to know why so many people were wearing pink rabbit ears) knew what the product was. They all knew that if they won they would go to the Virgin Islands for a week. I wonder how much those rabbit ears cost? (which didn't have written language on them to communicate to a Chinese business man why, in America, people were wearing Chinese astrology symbols on their heads!)