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Benny & Bebes Magic Circus
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Comedy Magic Shows
With one or two performers, tailored to the age group,
including enthusiastic audiance participation!

The Magic Circus Family Party Show
See us as a Magician, Wizard, Clown or Pirate with our fanciful magic and funny theatrical comedy! Enjoy great audience participation for the entire family throughout the show. Be mesmerized by Tricksy the magical dove and fun illusions like collapsing chair,balloon and water magic and child floating in air.

Incredible Magic Hat Show
One Shape Makes Many Hats from Around the World!
Benny Bendini performs the award winning show with his hilarious
physical comedy, quick change magic, music, mime & chapeaugraphy.

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Circus Funtasticus
Magical Clown Theatre - Two Clowns perform the Art of Laughter:
transforming giant puppet, zany antics with collapsing chairs, plate spinning, surprise camera.

Wizard School of Magic
Learn what it takes to become a real wizard!
Spellbinding illusions, fanciful and funny theatrical comedy,
live doves, floating child.

The Magical Holiday Elf Workshop
Delightful Holiday Show featuring Elves, who demonstrate how they utilize
magic to make toys and presents. Emphasizes the values of gratitude and
(to see elf photo: click on Characters/ Holiday)

Magic with a Positive Message
We introduce children to the concepts of recycling, safety, nutrition, etc.

Strolling / Walk around Entertainment
Walk-around Magic, Mime, Clowning Plate Spinning, Juggling with Scarves or Balls Balancing on Wheels, Riding on Miniature Bicycle

Balloon Sculpting, Balloon Twisting, Face Painting,
Temporary Tattoos
Arts & Crafts
Games, competitive and non-competitive
Mini Workshops in Magic, Juggling, Plate Spinning
Bubble Environment (stations for giant and different size bubbles)

Magic with your favorite Character
You may choose a Theme or Holiday Character, and we
customize our show for your party.
Click here to visit the characters page

Puppet Shows
Entertainment with wonderful hand puppets and puppet stage

Puppet Party Packages


Live accordion song, introduction with magic, puppet show (birthday theme can be woven into the show), visual interactive magic,activities, such as balloon sculpting, temporary tattoos, face painting, or bubbles.

Little Rabbit's Adventures

(specially designed for ages 1 to 4)
Eddie, the bunny shows his tricks to many lovable animal friends; he
always mixes up the names of the animals and the children love to help him out.
- inspires children's imagination.

Pirates on Treasure Hunt
(for ages 3 to 7)
Amusing efforts of two funny pirates to find a rare animal. The story is told as an enchanting adventure on Treasure Island. - includes a message of sharing.

Big Events and Parties of All Sizes

We mesmerize our audiences at big events and at parties of all sizes