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Big Rain

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Big Rain has been performing nonstop for eleven years. During this time, they have logged over 1,100 performances, performed with some of the biggest names in the business, and have an established reputation as a great band with an uplifting sound. The band's dynamic sound is built on superb songwriting and vocals. Their performances effortlessly flow from up-tempo dance songs, to heart-felt ballads, to improvisational jams that the band calls free falling. The Sacramento Bee says that “after seeing Big Rain perform, you'll be humming its tunes for the rest of the day.”

Bruce Guynn and Peter Alaimo started Big Rain as a duo in 1994 after meeting at a fitness center in their home town of Santa Cruz, California. After playing and writing in the studio for several months, they decided to take their new found vocal harmony and sound on the road. After trying many different names, Bruce mentioned the name Big Rain to Peter, as it had been raining everyday for months. The name sounded right and seemed to fit the situation. Plus, they are strong supporters of environmental causes.

Big Rain now features a core trio of Bruce Guynn, Peter Alaimo, and James Chatterton. Bruce Guynn handles lead vocals, bass guitar, and keyboards. Peter Alamo plays lead and rhythm guitars and sings vocal harmony. James Chatterton adds guitars and piano. Chatterton joined forces with Guynn and Alaimo to record the album after performing with them a few times. The chemistry in the studio was right on, so they asked him to join the band.

Big Rain is the true definition of the working man's band. The trials and tribulations they have faced would have stopped most bands dead in their tracks, but these guys have stayed true to their artistic vision and true to the music. They have done, with little resources, what others only dream about. With every major set back, they have come away stronger because the music has amazing staying power. With the release of three successful albums on their own indie label, Big Rain established themselves as a recording and performing artist with a unique and original sound. After receiving a recording contract with Ray Ruff at Oak Records, they completed their current self-titled album, Big Rain. Says Ruff: “Big Rain has wonderful songwriting, and superb vocals. I haven't worked with a band this talented for many years.”

Sparing no expense, they brought in one of the most successful engineer and producer teams of the last 40 years: Bill Cooper and Richie Podolor. Podolor also adds his mandolin to the mix. On drums and percussion is the renowned session man, Chet McCracken, former drummer of the Doobie Brothers. Doug Livingston, on peddle steel guitar, and Bobby Furgo, on fiddle, complete the unique sound for the album. The first single from the Big Rain album, “I'm Not Running,” reached the Top 30 on IndieWorld Country Report and the Top 40 on the New Music Weekly National Charts. The second single, “Sweet Inspiration,” hit #14 on New Music Weekly Indie Top 30, the Top 50 on New Music Weekly's Country Main Chart, and #1 on the IndieWorld Country Report! The third single, “December Night”, recently released is following suit charting at # 12 on the Indie Top 30, and making the Top 40 on NMW.

Each song on this album has a strong melody. Most people only find one or two songs on an album that they like. However, when you combine great rhythm and groove with strong improvisation, heart felt vocals with a positive feeling, and words that people can relate to, you have music that will last forever.

That is Big Rain. They are a new sound that others have heard somewhere, but are not sure where until hearing Big Rain.