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David Hull Band
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Thank you for your interest in The David Hull Band – here is our promotional material for your review, and we personally thank you for taking time to consider our band.

We are an experienced 4-piece blues band based in San Jose, CA, playing a mixture of traditional and contemporary blues, and some blues based rock when the situation calls for it. Some of the songs are originals, some are well known classics, but all of them are geared to the audience whether it's a foot stomping shuffle or a classic slow burning blues ballad. Playing to the audience and giving 150% each performance are traits all our band members share – we love playing the blues and it shows on stage each performance!

Our lineup consists of David Hull – guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter, Scott LaMantia - drums, James Michael Day - B-3 and piano keyboards and vocals, and Bill Weir - bass and vocals. All our band members have had successful musical careers, including touring and recording with other well known blues artists.

We are presently playing a number of venues and clubs in the greater San Francisco Bay area, and are available for clubs, private parties, festivals, and corporate events. If the venue requires it, we will be glad to work with you or your event planner to focus our performance to the tastes of your particular audience (within reach of the blues, of course!)

Our first CD is titled ‘Out of the Blue', and enclosed is a Copy of out of the blue. We have recorded 13– all original songs written by David. We think you will like what you hear, and would like the opportunity to play all of our originals for your audience!

We encourage and thank you for your support of blues music, and look forward to hearing from you soon, and entertaining your audience with the best blues music this side of anywhere!

David was born and raised in San Jose, CA, and started out in music before he could say "mama". His dad, who played tenor saxophone for Larry Graham and T-Bone Walker all over the Bay Area, would eventually pass the gift to his son David. With the sounds of Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, and many other jazz greats always on the record player, the path was set for him to become a musician. His first instrument was an old acoustic guitar (he doesn't even recall what kind) that he permanently borrowed from his older sister. He played everywhere, even at school, and loved that guitar more than anything, spending countless hours playing it! When he was ten his father Milton gave him a Fender Telecaster and a Fender Princeton Reverb Amplifier. He still plays his 1972 Fender Tele to this day! After high school, David began taking his music very seriously, and started writing his own songs and performing around the San Francisco Bay area, playing in a number of locally successful rock and blues bands. But Dave's real focus on the blues left him wanting to know more about the roots of the Stevie Ray Vaughan and T Bone Walker sound that he liked so well – so he headed down to Texas, and ended up staying in Austin playing solid Texas blues and honing his guitar and singing skills in more Austin clubs than he can recall! Finally having had his fill of Texas summertime heat, he returned to San Jose in the late 90's and founded The David Hull Band. With a few versions of the band and some success in the bay area club scene under his belt, the band lineup started to gel under Dave's direction with the addition of the very talented drummer Scott LaMantia and keyboardist James Michael Day ,from the popular recording artist James Armstrong Blues Band, and ‘Philly' Bill Weir, former bassist with east coast blues and recording artist Mike Dugan. This 4-piece lineup is playing to enthusiastic audiences in the San Francisco bay area. David is a gifted singer with a strong, soulful voice, and possesses a burning guitar playing style that incorporates all the chops he has honed in Texas and California. He also writes all of his own material, which is rare in these days of the modern record factory. The band began recording their new CD ‘Out Of The Blue', . The complete CD , released in May on Top Shelf Records an independent blues label. Dave's philosophy on life mimics his musical style – “keep the good times rollin' along any way you can!” With new songs, a new CD , and the talented backing of Scott, Gary, and Bill, The David Hull Band is rolling ahead full steam!