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Craig Marquardos Jazz Trio
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Craig is starring in his first feature film 'Sway', due to be released in 2005. In it he plays a familiar character - a Hollywood executive who turns away from that life to move to a small town and rediscover himself, which he does through the love of a girl - and jazz. The soundtrack will accompany the movie's release. The movie will be shooting in Oregon. Craig got his career started singing behind the superstar, Sting, at age 15 on the 1998 Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! tour. After playing around in the rock/pop arena for a while, he realized that wasn't where his passion was. Years later he discovered jazz. First up was fronting a 15-piece big band in Florida, as well as owning a piano bar on Fort Lauderdale Beach. After managing such a big sound and even bigger shows, playing to packed houses of 3,000 and more, he wanted to pare down the players and concentrate more on the style and personality of the music and his voice. Ron Delano was hard to find. After scouring the gorge for a competent upright bass player, Craig was getting frustrated in his search. The few players he could find weren't skilled enough to play jazz, until Ron came along. He was already touring the region with his folk-style band Django's Cadillac, but was intrigued by the opportunity to stretch his chops. Ron brings not only a sure hand at his instrument, but a solid academic musical background that keeps everyone honest. ianist Rich Garber came recommended by every working jazz piano player in the region. Craig was able to pull this 20-year veteran back into the scene with the promise of doing something ‘special'. With no drums or other overpowering instruments, Rich is tasked with keeping the ship sailing no matter which way the wind blows. His skillful musicianship and professionalism shine through in every note.