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Big Mudcat Beer Party
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Do you remember the scene in the Blues Brothers movie of the big show they put on. .This is alot like that. We trhow down a mix of rockin blues like no other band. The show features the talents of Daniel "MUDCAT" Dudeck and is hot. We combine three CD's of original music along with some great talent to cover the old standards. We are a large band when all are playing (8). The show starts off with a brief musical history of the blues and then rolls into some jammin guitar, soon to follow are thr "features" of the show. One of which is the "blues Boy" when Johnny Liebman tells the story of the blues with his harmonica. The setting has him in the spotligh, solo, for about five minutes. we sometime throw in what we call the big chill set that features motown music rocked up in our own special way, this leads to the height of the show where the wholes band is playing, jammin, and in the groove layin down Mudcat's rockin blues. It is truly a show, not at all just a music event. I truly believe after all the acts that I have seen that this is one suitable for broadway. maybe it will soon be there.