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Note: Ron Bolin Charges due to contractual conditions $1095.00 for private events

Hi, I'm Ron, The Dancin' DJ. I've entertained at more than 1200 events since 1990, including weddings, school dances, company parties, and public dances. Your careful choice of an experienced Disc Jockey/MC is probably the most important factor in making your wedding reception a successful party!

Planning and Consulting
The first step to that success is planning. I'll meet with you at the facility, usually a few weeks before the wedding. Couples find this quite valuable, especially if they haven't hired a wedding coordinator. I've personally played for hundreds of weddings and know the ropes and possible pitfalls. We'll spend time going over all the details including the physical set-up, a schedule of reception activities, and music selection. I'll offer my advice, but the wedding will be uniquely your's.

The Big Day
On the day of your wedding, I'll arrive at the facility to set up at least two hours before the first guests arrive. I take the time to make sure everything looks and sounds just right before I change into my tux.

The Ceremony

Ron Bolin
The Dancin' DJ
I can play for both your ceremony and your reception if they're at the same facility. I have a great variety of appropriate traditional music, both classical and modern. This includes choices for background, processional, interludes, recessional, and more. I can also provide microphones and recorded accompaniment for vocalists. If you want to be creative, I'll flow with your vision!

The Reception
At your reception, I'll keep things on track in a light-hearted, professional manner. We'll have laid out a precise written plan. Still, I'll remain flexible to any on-the-spot changes you might desire, and check with you as the reception progresses if I think a change in the plan would help. I'll also coordinate with your photographer, caterer, and other service providers to prevent snags. Some of the traditional activities you might like me to cover are: Entrance of the Bride & Groom; Introduction of the Wedding Party and Families; Cake Cutting & Toast(s); Presentation of the Bride & Groom for the First Dance; Father/Daughter & Mother/Groom dances; Bouquet and Garter Toss; and your Grand Exit. I'll enhance each activity with music and professional announcements that will increase the excitement!

Dance Lessons
If you desire, I can also offer one or more light-hearted mini-dance lessons to get everyone loosened up and add variety. The Electric Slide, Macarena, or the Chicken Dance might be a good icebreaker for your group. A Swing lesson is a good choice for an easy and popular partner dance. Whatever the dance, I make the lesson light and easy so everyone has fun.

Something for Everyone
Weddings especially have a wide variety of age groups represented. I keep mixing up the music to appeal to everyone. The collection of CDs I bring to your reception has a wealth of songs in every style of music: Big Band; Oldies; 70's Disco & Rock; 80's Dance and New Wave, current Top 40, Rock, R & B, Alternative, Country, and much more. Your advance requests will be foremost, plus I can easily handle almost any on-the-spot requests from your guests. Once they're up and dancing, I read the crowd. I've personally purchased each CD, and know what I have. You'll have over 50,000 songs to choose from!

My goal is to make your wedding memorable, worry-free, and fun for all!