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Bodine Balasco
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Successful Meetings Magazine has named Bodine Balasco “one of the Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century.” His Fortune 100 clients include AT&T, Boeing, Coca Cola, Verizon, RE/MAX and FedEx. Many of them call Bodine “the most effective speaker we've ever hired.” Bodine is academically trained in public speaking & human behavior, with degrees from UCLA in Speech Communications & Social Psychology. He's been a radio show host and commentator for the “Smart Business Radio Network.” Although he's been a professional speaker for 17 years, he's also an award-winning entertainer. From the speaker's platform this allows him to combine his information & insights with laughter & energy, making his messages unforgettable. Members of the Institute of Management Consultants were so impressed with Bodine's valuable content and humorous delivery, they gave him a 10+ rating on their 5-point scale! Bodine's unique combination of information, entertainment, and humor can truly make a difference at your meeting. And Bodine will make a difference with your group that will last long afer the the meeting is over, because his presentations are designed for learning. There's always a perfect place to put Bodine on your meeting agenda.