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The Toucans Steel Drum Band

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The Toucans have been creating a fine scene in Seattle for over 10 years. The raw energy of steel drums and the group's impeccable stylistic sensibilities join to create an experience that's second to none!

If there's steel drum fun to be had, it's the Toucans who will be having it. If there's potato salad to be eaten, it's the Toucans who will be eating it. And if there's other things, well, you know.

The Toucans will take time to explain the origin and the nature of the Steel Drum to anyone who will listen. Many people can't believe that the Steel Drum makes the sounds it does without any kind of artifical amplification. Some people are sure that there is some hidden mechanism which makes the pans sound the way they do. Wires, vibrating strips of metal, resonant pipes, and even a hidden tape deck have all been suggested by curious fans over the years, but the truth is that the Steel Drum makes the sounds it does all by itself (with a little help from the Toucans). Here, the Toucans show the grounds staff of the Northwest Folklife Festival a thing or two.