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Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies

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Mojo Excitement fills the air! The crowd's Mojo Energy stands your hair on end. Everyone is here for the best time of their lives!

The stage lights burst to life! The spotlights hit Mister Mojo, glittering in his Mardi Gras finest! The band delivers a thrilling crescendo of Cajun accordion, Fiddle, Rubboards and more! Suddenly, the announcer's voice exclaims, "From the Looziana Bayous, where the alligators got soul and the good times roll, it's MOJO & THE BAYOU GYPSIES!" The drums electrify your heartbeat, the crowd gets ready, and Mister Mojo yells, "Everybody say YEAH!" The crowd roars, jumps to their feet, and one of America's happiest nights of entertainment begins!

You never know who you might see at a Mojo show. Mojo is proud his fans include so many celebrities, corporations, and "regular folks" from all walks of life. Audience members come together, dancing in groups, cheering on couples that Mojo "marries" in the show, wishing birthday greetings in Cajun French, and applauding the "contestants" in Mojo's famous Red Hot Mojo Musical Chairs competition, as they dance the night away! "Don't matter if you rich or poor, young or old! Everybody gonna pass a good time!" guarantees Mojo.

One fan, a corporate president by day, now a Mojo fan by night, said it best, "I never knew anything could be so much fun! My hands hurt from clapping, my feet hurt from dancing, my sides ache from laughing, my face hurts from smiling, and I can't wait to do it again! I'll remember this night for the rest of my life."

"The Mos' Fun Y'all Can Have Wit' Clothes On !"