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Stowaways In Paradise

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Take a musical journey two and a half thousand miles south westerly from North America to the Polynesian islands of Hawaii!

Paradise calls with the sound of romantic voices accompanied by ukulele, Hawaiian steel guitar, 6 string guitar, and acoustic bass. Stowaways In Paradise bring you enchanting melodies that capture the spirit of gently swaying palms, sandy beaches in the sunset, and moonlight on the bay.

In fun, colorful tropical attire, Stowaways In Paradise perform Hawaiian-themed hapa haole music from the vintage days of the popular swing bands that performed in hotels on the islands during 1910-1940. The Pua Nani Dancers tell the stories with their hands through the ancient art of hula, adding to the lively visual presentation.

"Two of the finest male voices in town, those of Joe Weihe and Greg Scott, particularly when heard together. outstanding!" - THE ROCKET

"I always have so much fun listening to them that I forget to notice how they make it appear so effortless." -VICTORY MUSIC REVIEW