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The Ron Stubbs Outrageous Comedy Hypnosis Show
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From mild to wild, and literally anything in between, Ron Stubbs's sidesplitting, hilarious, laugh-a- minute hypnosis shows are guaranteed to delight even the most jaded "seen it all" audiences. As the performance begins Ron amazes the audience with a short demonstration of "mind reading". As Ron tells the excited crowd

"The most fun is ON STAGE, SO COME ON UP!!!!"

He then requests volunteers from the audience to come up and play with him, inviting them up on stage to be stars of the show. Instantly hypnotizing volunteers using only the sound of his voice, his "stars" may forget their names, numbers, become fashion models, household appliances or even become musicians in the Psychedelic Rock n Roll Air Guitar Band or maybe contestants in his famous Grateful Dead Freeform Dance Contest.

Ron Stubbs has been called "one of the most progressive stage hypnotists available worldwide". As the laughs subside, people attending will be impressed with your choice in performances, and the audience will remember the show for years to come! Thrill your audience with participation in a one-of-a-kind experience for groups of all ages. You've never seen anything like it!

Now traveling the United States and abroad, Ron Stubbs continually captivates and amazes his audiences with his mystic stage presence and masterful use of hypnosis. He will have your audience laughing throughout the performance, while participants from the audience have a blast on stage! As they are induced into a deep hypnotic trance that is when hysterical antics of life, and Ron's awe striking talents amaze audiences every show!