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I am a clairvoyant, empath, palmist, astrologer, tarot reader and numerologist. I have studied metaphysics since I was a child and have been reading full-time professionally since 1993. I have a BA in English Literature, which gives me a flair for the dramatics. I am fun, personable, light, always entertaining, never dark, never dull. I love to make people smile, and don't believe in gypsy style fortune telling. I don't sell candles to lift curses! I am an ordained minister, so I can perform at weddings. I am ethical, discreet with my words, and conscious of the impact this work entails. I choose to empower people, not disable them with negative information. I can perform in large groups, or one on one. It's always a fun, memorable occasion!

More about Darleen: As an ordained minister, Darleen Christopher has studied esoteric knowledge since childhood and she advocates peace, joy, love, and free will. By prayer, meditation, and channeling through white light, she empathetically conceptualizes the dynamics between relationships and people. She clairvoyantly sees people in your life, both alive and those who have passed on. As a clairaudient, she hears names of close associations, sees auras, and connects to reveal the archetypes that are journeying with you on your path. Darleen can also help you in overcoming obstacles to love and abundance, wounds that haven't healed and she can help you to empower the “now.”

If you have difficulties in forgiveness, letting go of or wanting to heal unhealthy relationships give her a call. Specializing in soul assignments, she can help you see the value of “contracts” to assist you on your evolutionary path. She is truly gifted in revealing subconscious behaviors and other external influences that can negatively impact your life, health, career and relationships.

By gaining valuable insight, you can make empowered choices on redirecting your energy towards a more positive and successful future.

Palmestry, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology for Private parties, corporate functions, conventions, grand openings, holidays, weddings, reunions, birthdays.