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Big Delta Magnum Blues

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Big Delta has proven itself to be the definition of “Magnum Blues”. With the superb coupling of traditional Blues with Blues Rock, their unparalleled blues style and unshakable enthusiasm promises to move the soul, as well as the feet. In a time when “Live Music” means little more than garage bands and half-hearted musicians, Big Delta rocks the stage with their dynamic blues style, light-hearted humor and explosive chemistry.

Each member of Big Delta has refined his musical expertise through collegiate education, private study and many years of experience. But, Big Delta's magic and mystique is found in the fusion of the three mega talented musicians and erupts with undeniable energy when they take the stage.

Although Big Delta was formed in early 2005, the band has already achieved great success in capturing an ever increasing following through playing city sponsored events, charitable benefits and bay area live music venues. If the reaction of their audiences is any indication of Big Delta's increasing popularity, 2006 promises to be an exciting and rewarding year for the trio.

Big Delta brings a powerful renewal of authenticity to the world of Blues. Through astounding vocal, guitar and bass stylings, flawless drumming, and a perfectly chosen song selection including energized originals, Big Delta is a rare gem.