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From Wild and Crazy, to Bad and Bold, we've got it covered. Few groups fully understand that the music is just "part" of the show. The real action is in how the show is delivered, and we do that better than anyone. Looking for a different entertainment experience? ESSEX sets the bar!

Really want something EXTRA special? We've got the additional connections to add whatever live sound you want. Beyond the core group, ESSEX can offer additional exceptional keyboardists, the best saxophone players, extra backup vocalists, and even extra percussion! . . Whatever it is, we can drum it up for you!

Everyone has the music. And most of the top working bands have musicianship that can make songs sound pretty good. But very few bands have the time and patience to include today's top hits in their repertoire. Why? Because the older songs are easier for bands to quickly put together. Most musicians already know the same songs from years of experience, and when they get together in groups, they play what they already know. It's easier. On top of this, the best musicians are often older. As a result, most get caught up in their lives and find it difficult to stay in tune with the new and exciting music that inspires the younger generations. ESSEX is different.

We take that extra time and effort to stay in tune with the world, and master the current trends in today's dance music. Yes, we can play all the old standards, and we still like those songs, but we can also give you the new. New is exciting!

We tailor any event to your specific needs with everything you need, and some of the things you haven't thought of yet. How do we know? We do this all the time! Contact us and we'll set you up with your very own event planner who will be responsible for taking care of your every entertainment need.