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PanNeubean Steel is committed to share their dedication to music and the continued awareness and versatility of the Steelpan and its ability to provide “. an Oasis of Musical Moods. ” PanNeubean Steel hopes that it's energetic, and positive attitude, empathy, esteem-enhancing approach, and professionalism serve as a model for all adults and children. Maintaining a high standard of musical and personal excellence is the key to providing an unforgettable event of fun and entertainment.

Raised on Cape Cod, Musician/Artist Jefferey Clayton (Music Director, Music Educator), founded PanNeubean Steel to share his passion for music. His love-passion for his Jamaican heritage and the quality of PanNeubean Steel is evident through his enthusiasm, initiative and dedication to professionalism. Showcasing the Steelpan's versatility in Caribbean (reggae, soca, calypso), Afro-Caribbean, Contemporary, Jazz, Soul, Fusion and Classical music styles is the essence of PanNeubean Steel.

Clayton's musical,steelpan, adventure began when he enlisted into the United States Army as a trumpet player. This is where he was first featured as a trumpet player and soon highlighted as a steelpannist. After three active years in the military he obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology from the Univarsity of Massachusetts @ Amherst, where he concentrated on social equality in hope of providing greater opportunity for those who are less fortunate. Clayton then obtained a Masters Degree in Music Education from the New England Conservatory of Music because he felt that all children should be provided with the chance to express themselves musically. (Clayton is Massachusetts Music Teacher Certified/k-12.) As a young child he suffered hearing loss. When he regained his hearing, music became his creative outlet. With music Clayton found his voice and many opportunities. Music has opened many doors, allowing him to view and speak of the world with broader awareness.