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The Gozzo Group plays standard and original jazz, all members of the band have 15 yrs experience in NY. Ron Gozzo is and experienced performer with a successful career as a professional musician. Ron has played with many great artists including Chico Mendoza, Ratzo Harris, Dave Valentine and Butch Morris. He has also toured throughout Europe and the United States with various artists. His most recent accomplishments as a jazz saxophonist are a Best Soloist award at the 1998 Villanova Jazz Festival, as well as a Best Soloist Award at the University of Connecticut Jazz Festival. In addition Ron has won a 2001 Promax award for his work on Ken Burn's documentary film JAZZ. He currently writes original music for such clients as PBS, FOX, CNN, AMC, Mercedes-Benz and various independent film directors in NYC. His most recent film work won Best Score at the New York Magazine First Run Film Fest. in 2003. Other film score, for "Engine Trouble" staring the voice of Christopher Walken, appeared on ShowTime/Sundance, channels in 2002. Ron has also dedicated some of his professional life to education. He has been a faculty member at Brooklyn Colleges since 1997, and has taught privately since 1990.