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Maya Soleil

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"a truly excellent band. blends fusion with Afro-Pop to create a unique audio-visual experience. this is a band that should be seen live. "

"More high-powered World music from one of the funkiest and groovenist contemporary World fusion groups in the Puget Sound. this is a group who can get a crowd of people on their feet and stir them to a thriving emotion. the performances rate high. Putumayo, where are you on these guys?" [Sounds of Seattle, June 2000]

Maya Soleil presents a dynamic show with colorful costumes, dance, and unusual musical instruments to complement their multi-cultural music - from traditional African rhythm to contemporary funky dance beats.

Hot rhythms, fat harmonies, and ethnic percussion make you move · Blend of African vocals, keyboards, saxophones, flutes, marimba, bass guitar, ethnic drums, and world drum kit creates a truly original sound · African dance performance with audience interaction · Wide demographic appeal

Move to the beat, learn a few African dance steps from Moye Kashimbi, or just watch her amazing movements.

Six multi-instrumentalists from Africa, Asia, and the U.S. comprise the basic group, including Zambian vocalist and dancer, Moye Kashimbi, who has appeared at WOMAD (London and Seattle) and toured the world. Additional vocalists, dancers, and a guitarist can be added to the lineup for up to a nine-piece group. Rhythm and dance workshops are also available, led by Moye Kashimbi and ethnomusicologist Joss Price.