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Miles from Chicago is a high-energy dance band that knows how to have fun! The music has a distinct bluesy flavor. Stacked with talented, seasoned musicians from the Seattle area, the group plays a classy variety of energetic blues, soul, R&B and classics made for dancing. The band dresses well and smiles a lot. The prevalent theme is fun. The love of music is evident in the quality of the performances and quality of the sound.

The band's lineup includes leader Miles (Mark) Bushbeck on bass and vocals, Kevin Sutton on guitars, and vocals, Tony Chop at the Keyboards, Rick Jacobson on drums, and Keith Stone on Saxophone. Various local talents often sit in with the band. These guys know how to lay down a beat and belch out music that is fun and tailored for dancing. The stage show is also enjoyable for those who like to just listen and watch with some friendly, smilin' faces.

I would love to recommend Mark and his band! They were worth every penny and then some. From classical guitar during the ceremony, to jazz during cocktail hour, and on to rock for dancing in the evening – they're a one-band do-it-all show. We got numerous comments from guests (we had around 200) that loved them, as did we. Easy to work with, reliable, etc. I can't say enough. Hire them and enjoy your wedding! Cathy Reidy Liermann

Did you Know Miles From Chicago is Perfect for Wedding Receptions? The Variety Of Music Is an ideal mix of all kinds of music designed to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long!

Music For The Ceremony?

Consider adding Classical Guitar as Part of Your Full Music Package.

Miles From Chicago can provide superb classical music for your ceremony or special event!