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The Venusians

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Creative arrangements infused with catchy and exotic hooks. ..supported by infectious dance beats. the major ingredient of the Venusian's enchantment, whose mystical inspiration and cosmic groove has captivated live audiences ranging from The Summer of Love Anniversary Concert to Burning Man to George Lucas' Star Wars opening Gala. The band has recently returned from headlining the much acclaimed Oregon Country Fair. Their CD, “Hot Planet”, has received generous airplay on 150 stations throughout North America, and the band is currently in Studio at Venus Central in SF recording two new CDs; which include their next commercial release and a soundtrack for an independent film. They are preparing for a Northwest US tour in the fall followed by a European Tour.

The lead melodic instrument, Played by lead singer Matt Venuti, is an amazing synth horn called an EVI that showcases an abundance of magical effects and brilliant sounds, with foundational support by some of the grooviest players in the known universe, including Robert Powell on Pedal Steel and Electric Sitar, Jeff Obee on Bass, Rob Michael on Guitars and Guitar Synthesizer, and Michael Saint John on Drums. Special guest vocalists and performance artists will join the band and perform on their own throughout the evening.

"These deep space maestros morph dance rhythms and catchy riffs with cool melodies and cosmic themes to create a unique form that blends East and West with Outer Space" ----Christina Singleton (Futurezone)

"The Band unites techno, pop, and world music like nothing else this side of Venus"----Andy Jacobi (Churn Magazine)