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Duncan Tuck

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Duncan has been performing for over 32 years. He grew up in Colorado and continues to keep Denver his home. “I attended college in Colorado and was a member of Signa Phi Nothing, lettering in spelling and calligraphy.” He spends most of his time as a main stage Guest Entertainer on cruise ships, in addition to headlining on the comedy circuit, festivals, concerts, conventions, and private parties. “I tailor my shows according to the audience. The flexibility of my performances has made it possible to play a variety of venues.”

“I really enjoy performing on the cruise ships. It gives me the opportunity to play my serious music and mix it up with a little comedy. On the ships I have a full orchestra backing me up, but I still keep my flamenco numbers solo”.

“In this business you need to adapt. When the music rooms started closing in the 80's, I was fortunate to be able to take my humor and hit the comedy circuit.” Duncan is an all around entertainer, but refuses to rap. “I don't rap, don't make me. I get all the rap I need just stuck at a red light for 30 seconds. Thank goodness for the winter months when the windows are closed”.

In the mid-seventies three studio albums on Friendamine Records were produced as expensive calling cards. “The release of “Kaleidoscope” in 1993, I have to admit wasn't released, it escaped”. His latest CD, “You Know My Name”, is mainly serious music, clean humor, and two flamenco numbers