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Linda Severts Juggletunes
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"Circus in a blender!" – Sno-Isle Regional Library Showcase review

Linda Severt's Juggletunes is a fast-paced, uniquely original show featuring music, circus arts, puppetry, and physical comedy.

Linda weaves tricks, music, and puppets into hilarious routines. In one routine, Linda interacts with a puppet (an altered bass drum pedal) named Sweet-Pete McBeat, and the two of them assemble an entire drum set made of recycled materials, which Linda then plays (really plays - she's a studio percussionist). By the end of the song, several kids join Linda onstage to play junk percussion instru- ments, and Linda juggles pins while balancing on a rolling plastic barrel (the bass drum).

Linda moves smoothly from one instrument, puppet, or prop to another. First, trying to start the show after getting her hands and feet stuck in a concertina, bucket, and tambourine. Then, juggling to a raucous song in time with cartoon sound effects. Then, getting interrupted by Ralph, her pet alligator.

The buffoonery continues non-stop, and by the end of the show, children and adults leave feeling inspired by the creativity, imagination, and skill that Linda has shared.

Always original, always entertaining, Juggletunes is a wonderful mix of comedy, music, and physical skill that's appropriate for all ages. Children and their parents will enjoy the show together.

P.S. Linda would like to send her heartfelt sympathy to all the parents whose children have built junk drum sets in their formerly quiet homes after seeing her show. Earplugs are available at any fine hardware store.