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Duwamish Dixieland Band

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Entertainment for all occasions

The Duwamish Dixieland Jazz Band provides professional live music and entertainment for all kinds of occasions from dances and weddings to political conventions, from private parties to fairs and craft shows, from cruises to lodge installations, and from business meetings to trade shows. We are known as the most danceable band of our kind around.


As our name implies, the Duwamish Dixieland Jazz Band specializes in dixieland jazz, but we perform hundreds of songs from about 1900 to 1940 — from hot Dixieland and traditional New Orleans jazz to blues and swing, gospel and specialty numbers that feature the banjo, the washboard, our dancer, and every member of the band. We have performed for over 7 hours without repeating a song. We enjoy being able to play your favorite songs, but we don't play rock music— it's just not our style.

We take special care to recognize what our audiences want and accommodate them. Whether you want to dance, or sing along, or just listen, have us put on a show or want us to be in the background, just tell us.


We accommodate the customers' needs with from 4 to 9 talented performers, but the regular combination is 6 musicians who can do all the instrumentals, vocals, and features.

We can operate with or without a stage and PA system, and we are mobile to stroll around your event if needed. We will work with you to provide quality professional entertainment within your budget.

We like to get the audience involved with sing-alongs; give short lessons in Charleston, line dancing, or hula; and have a real New Orleans parade around the floor—with decorated umbrellas.

Background In 1979, Ray Johnston, banjo player and music educator, formed the Duwamish Dixieland Jazz Band to play for a West Seattle High School Ball, using talented music educators and his son, Kevin, in the lineup. Soon, the Band received a week-long booking at a New Orleans style restaurant in Seattle's Pioneer Square, and the band has been performing steadily ever since.

As jazz societies began to grow, the Duwamish Dixieland Jazz Band gained a reputation for playing what their audiences wanted to hear with an emphasis on danceable jazz. The Band frequently takes time out from their busy schedule to perform for jazz societies from Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. to Eugene, OR, and all points in between. Besides many local and regional festivals, they have also played the Sacramento Jubilee.

Ray passed away June 21, 1999, but his wife, Carol has continued the Band. She is currently booking the Band into many private and commercial events in and around Seattle.

The Duwamish Dixieland Jazz Band brings together an entertaining combination of professional players who deliver the classic Dixieland sound heard on the streets and in the entertainment halls of New Orleans for decades. Here is all the excitement of hot jazz, blues, and traditional gospel with featured vocals and soloists. You will want to tap your toes and dance.