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Get the Thrill of a Live Band for the Cost of Just One Performer! Hiring a large band or orchestra for your event can be an overwhelming concept in task and price! Fortunately, thanks to Matthew Moran Music, you can avoid the hassle and stay well within your budget! Now, with the help of modern technology, Matthew Moran Music brings your event the thrill of a live band performance at the cost of just one performer! You SAVE A TON OF MONEY and your guests still receive the high-quality entertainment they expect and desire! Matthew Moran Music uses state of the art equipment and professional, fully orchestrated musical accompaniment so that you experience an entire live band performance just by hiring the frontman. (If you desire a simpler accompaniment, for example piano or guitar vs. a full band/orchestra, we can supply that too.) And, let's face it, who are people watching when they listen to a live band perform. the tuba player? No, their eyes are on the front man, the lead singer, that's who captures their attention. Matthew Moran is that exciting front man, MC and the everyman band you need to make your event spectacular! Please, contact us today for a FREE DEMO and a list of our prices. We know you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save and still have the event of your dreams! CALL US TODAY!