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Randy Oxford Band

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Winners of over 25 blues awards in Washington State, The Randy Oxford Band showcased their sophisticated brand of Chicago-style musicianship, daring arrangements of blues classics, and heart-felt original songs in Memphis this year. Featuring the soulful Virginia Klemens on vocals, the dueling guitars of Jerry Lee Davidson and Steve Blood, and the rock-solid rhythm of Hank Yanda on bass and Riky Hudson on drums, the band is led by Blues Performer of the Year, Randy Oxford, whose prowess on trombone and ability to ignite an audience's enthusiasm have become legendary in the Northwest.

"This is the first time in Washington State Music history that a CD has won both the Empire award and the BB award in the same year for best NW recording!"

Seattle's Triple Door says this to say about Randy: Trombonist/bandleader Randy Oxford is a true showman, not in the corny showbiz "You're beautiful, stay the way you are" sense, but in his 110% commitment to showing the audience a good time. Whether he's performing on stage with his band or hosting one of the several blues jams he produces around the Puget Sound, you're going to get your money's worth from the ebullient Mr. Oxford.