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Why Is YeraSon Perfect For Your Party or Event?

Versatility is one of the group's central characteristics. YeraSon can easily adapt to any venue, audience or style of Latin music. Here's how: Traditional Trio and Quartet: The YeraSon Trio consists of piano, violin, multi-percussion and vocals. The piano provides the bass and 'tumbao,' or rhythmic harmony. The violin adds lyrical melodic lines and fiery solos, and the percussion - conga, bongoes, timbal, guiro and cowbell all played by a single musician - gives the trio a full and uniquely Cuban sound. The Cuban tres guitar is also used for an added traditional sound. The trio is easily expanded to a quartet with the addition of a flute, trumpet or acoustic string bass. These compact groups are perfectly suited for cocktail receptions, private parties and anywhere a big sound is needed but accommodating a large group is impractical. For example, the YeraSon Trio can easily perform during a wedding cocktail hour, then be joined later by the full band to play at the reception.

Classical Cuban String Quartet: The YeraSon String Quartet is a slight departure from purely popular traditional music. Fusing classical technique and arrangements with Cuban and classical (Western European) material, the String Quartet produces a distinctive sound well suited to quiet receptions, wedding ceremonies and concerts. The format of this group is also versatile: two violins, Cuban tres guitar and cello make up the Cuban string quartet while violins and piano comprise a small classical trio perfect for wedding ceremonies. For schools and universities, the YeraSon String Quartet also presents a mini-lecture concert explaining the history and context of the program as well as a 'primer' on Cuban music and rhythms.

Traditional Sextet: The YeraSon sextet consists of two violins, Cuban tres guitar, string bass, congas and timables (as appropriate, a flute can be substituted for timables). This lineup produces an authentic traditional sound in interpreting Cuban son, guaracha, mambo, cha cha cha and merengue (with the addition of an accordion played by one of the group's violinists). This swinging combo is excellent for listening or for dancing.

Charanga Orquesta: The seven-piece YeraSon charanga is made up of two violins, Cuban tres guitar which doubles on piano, congas, timbales and flute which doubles on saxophone. As in the sextet, one violin doubles on accordion and the other doubles on minor percussion (guiro and cowbell), for a sound reminiscent of the great Cuban charanga orchestras of the 1950's. Horns (trumpet, trombone, additional saxophones) can also be for a slightly edgier mambo sound. The charanga is at once elegant and drivingly rhythmic, with a swing that is made for dancing but is equally a treat for wallflowers!

Any and all of these different formats can be combined for a single event depending on your need. A popular wedding package, for instance, consists of the YeraSon String group performing at the ceremony, followed by the trio during the cocktail hour and the charanga orchestra for dancing during the reception.

Whatever your event, YeraSon can suggest the perfect entertainment to suit your needs!