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Always Advance: Build better business by building better people!
BrickHouse Leadership Solutions is a company that is dedicated to providing powerful interactive training seminars, management consulting and keynote presentations that help executives and business owners significantly improve individual and organizational performance.

Lee Witt, founder and CEO of BrickHouse Leadership Solutions Inc. freely admits: "I'm not here because I'm so smart. I'm here because over the past thirty years, I've been able to gather some remarkable lessons from a variety of outstanding coaches and business leaders. These lessons, in addition to over twenty years of experience in corporate America, have allowed me to succeed as an entrepreneur in a market where almost everyone else fails. I've assimilated this collection of lessons into a performance methodology called “Always Advance.” When properly and systematically applied to your business, your business cannot help but grow and thrive."

We begin with the premise that the most successful businesses are run by the most successful people. You cannot separate one from the other. Therefore, you have to build better people in order to build a better business. This can only be accomplished through education and training. With the proper training, you can integrate the most effective methods and processes into your business. You can identify and provide the necessary skill base that will enable your employees to flourish. You can also learn and demonstrate the kinds of personal qualities and character traits that differentiate the leaders who win from those who simply fade away. The tools and techniques proposed in the Always Advance Performance Methodology will enable individuals within your business to reach the upper limits of their genetic potential, intellectually, emotionally and even physically.

Unlike many seminar and keynote businesses, this is not about pumping you up – although you'll no doubt become more motivated. Instead, this is about presenting you with “a way” that if followed, will get you to your destination in the most effective and efficient fashion. It doesn't matter how dynamic an environment you're faced with. It doesn't matter what state the economy is in or how much money you have. It doesn't matter how young or old you are. The Always Advance Performance Methodology outlines the formula, the skills and the necessary personal qualities that will enable your team to prevail against the odds – just as it did mine.

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Take a Different Stance in Life to Stand Up, Stand Out and Deliver Your Best.
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The Always Advance Performance Methodology is built around:
Knowing your destination – you must know what your desired end result looks like.

Doing your homework – you must understand your market and the context within which you are operating. Then you must design the map that will lead you to your destination.

Understanding that only three things keep you from succeeding – once you grasp those three things, we can give you a strategy to address them.

Change - Embracing the one characteristic that has proven to separate the most successful leaders from the rest of the pack.

Power - Learning how to leverage everything that happens.

Formation - Recognizing that outstanding leaders embody certain habits and behaviors.

The fact is – if you're not growing, you're dying. That's true of people and businesses.

That's why you must Always Advance!
Personal Journey: How Lee Witt got to where he is today:
Imagine being five years old and opening for the legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong at the world famous Palmer House in downtown Chicago. That was the beginning of a very interesting journey for a young boy from Illinois. The son of a high school teacher and basketball coach, Lee Witt grew up surrounded in music, sports and academics. With an insatiable curiosity for what works and an extraordinary desire to excel, Lee spent years looking at what differentiated those who succeeded from those who did not. While a child prodigy on the piano, Lee's real passion was for athletics and the study of human performance.

While using his musical talent to help finance the expenses of college, Lee continued to focus on athletics and academics. Not long after completing his degree from Illinois State University, Lee entered corporate America. This experience allowed him over two decades of interviews and observations of what does and does not work in a real-world business environment. Lee captured the lessons learned from the corporate board rooms and translated “what worked” to an entrepreneurial endeavor called “The BrickHouse Band.”

As a result, The BrickHouse Band has become one of the most fun, entertaining and successful corporate, convention and casino cover bands on the West Coast. Using the Always Advance Performance Methodology, the band has continued to flourish in a market where less than 5% of those who try succeed. Make no mistake – skill and talent are important to a musical act. But almost everyone who enters the market has skill and talent. If that were all it took, everyone would be successful. So there must be something else!

Lee now helps educate businesses, organizations and schools as to just what that “something else” is in his lively, humorous keynote addresses and interactive seminars.

Lee Witt's keynote presentations will encourage and empower everyone on your team to excel on a personal level which in turn establishes a motivated business environment filled with positive outlooks on professional success.

Presentation Topics:
Lee Witt's engaging presentations are well suited for conferences, business meetings and assemblies. Topics are specifically designed to challenge, inspire and motivate individuals to a higher level of achievement. Seminars and Keynote addresses include:

The Always Advance Performance Methodology
As outlined in “The BrickHouse Band: How an Ordinary Mid-life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon,” learn the principles that enabled The BrickHouse Band to reach their business and artistic goals. Learn how to overcome the only three things that can keep you from reaching your destination. Learn how to leverage everything that happens. Remove all excuses; overcome all obstacles. and win!

Taking Emotional Intelligence to the Next Level: Your Personal and Professional Competitive Advantage.
Learn what separates the rock stars of business from everyone else. Research from the last 15 years concludes that the most successful leaders have one thing in common: they all possess high levels of emotional intelligence. It's not that IQ and technical skills aren't important. They do matter, but mainly as “baseline competencies,” that is, they are the entry-level prerequisites for executive careers. This session will give participants 1) an understanding of what emotional intelligence is; 2) a quiz allowing them to assess their own emotional intelligence, and 3) an understanding of the five components of emotional intelligence and how they can improve their own level of competency. Participants will leave with strategies and a personal plan to address each of these areas. The benefits will last a lifetime. Your management team and star performers will love this!

Mid-Life Mastery
If age wasn't an issue, what would you be doing? Guess what; we can remove age as an issue. In fact, age is no excuse. Learn how to leverage your experience to achieve your goals at any age!

Become Unstoppable: Take a Different Stance in Life to Stand Up, Stand Out, and Deliver Your Best
Based on the book of the same name, you will learn the eight key components of superstars who understand how to accomplish goals. No hidden secrets, no magic potions, and no altered states of consciousness here. This is no-nonsense wisdom that pulls no punches. If you're tough enough – and if you've got the will, you can become the person you've always wanted to be.

So You Want to Be A Rock Star: Music as a Way of Life
Learn how to break into the music business. In addition, we'll demonstrate how applying a professional approach and systematic methodology to your craft can propel you forward in any occupation. (This seminar features The BrickHouse Band's lead guitarist, Craig Coleman as he joins Lee for an enlightening and rockin' session!)

Endorsements from past clients:
"Thanks for the terrific keynote you gave at our meeting. We've had so many positive comments about you and your book. We are looking forward to having you back again next year. I'm sure it will be another packed house!" Jody Bentler Vice President, American Payroll Association

“Lee really works with his customers and tailors each presentation to suit the needs of his client. He goes all out every time. One of the single best investments a company can make is to bring in Lee.” Michael Janke Navy SEAL, CEO of Special Operations Consulting - Security Management Group (SOC-SMG) and author of Take Control: Master the Art of Self-Discipline and Change Your Life Forever.

“Lee Witt brings humor, entertainment and a great deal of wisdom to each presentation. His dedication to his own personal and professional advancement over the past 25 years will be an outstanding addition to your attendees' conference experience. His style really captures the audience. They will walk away wanting more.”

David Essel, M.S., Adjunct Professor Radio Host, Internationally Acclaimed Lifestyle Coach and author of Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Anything You Want

“Lee's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. His lessons are ‘spot-on' and he'll keep your people on the edge of their seats.” Dr. Floyd Hoelting Director, Division of Housing and Food Service The University of Texas at Austin

“Lee really engages his audience. We love his professionalism and the fact that he makes it fun for everyone.” E. Charles (Chuck) Clark Boeing Management Association

“Lee brings a powerful blend of energy and a down-to-earth message that connects with any audience. His content is filled with realistic and common sense skills that all leaders can immediately put into practice." Greg Backstrom Chief Financial Officer Toyota of Puyallup / Kia of Puyallup Puyallup Chrysler / Auburn Chevrolet Enumclaw Chrysler Jeep Dodge Northwest Accessory Distributors

“I hope you had a good time at our conference. You had a huge part in making it interesting and successful. With all of your energy, I wish we could have kept you for the entire two days!” Nancy Randall The Society of Women Engineers

"Having worked with Lee for almost twenty years, I can tell you that he truly walks his talk. He always delivers." Dennis Treece SWenior Manager of Research and Development, The Boeing Company

“Lee's keynote speeches are dynamic and informative. They're not simply motivational; Lee gives us real insights into how we can better handle professional relationships and conquer our fears. We always welcome him back.” Sue Rakes President, Rainier Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants

The BrickHouse Band: How an Ordinary Mid-Life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING AND HERE'S THE PROOF!

This is the story of a middle-aged couple who made a decision. While busy in full time careers unrelated to music and having almost no experience, they set out to create the most fun, entertaining and successful corporate and casino cover band on the west coast.

Then. they did it!

In a tremendously competitive environment and against all odds, they succeeded while continuing to work in their chosen full-time professions. Everyone said they couldn't do it. Everyone said they were crazy to even try. And you know what? They were. They were completely crazy, unreasonable and unrelenting in pursuing their dream – and that made all the difference!

In The BrickHouse Band: How an Ordinary, Mid-Life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon, you'll learn exactly how they succeeded. You'll also learn why so many business books miss the mark in what it takes to be victorious in your chosen market. In addition, you'll find out why so many leadership books fail to get underneath real human motivation. Finally, you'll gain an understanding of what it takes to create a true business phenomenon – and how talent, financial backing, and experience are completely overrated.

This book is about working hard but mostly it's about working smart. It's about modeling what works and learning from the mistakes of others while being true to your own brand. Don't be fooled, it takes effort. But by applying the BrickHouse performance methodology called “Always Advance,” you can save massive amounts of time, overcome adversity, succeed against the odds, and stand victoriously on the stage of your wildest dreams.

Become Unstoppable: Take a Different Stance in Life to Stand Up, Stand Out and Deliver Your Best
Everyone needs to read this informative book!

Are you the person you've always wanted to be? Are you watching other people who are not as intelligent and talented as you get ahead? Do you wonder why some people flounder while others flourish? And which one are you?

This book reveals the eight key components of the “Unstoppable” human. You can build the person you've always wanted to become. You can run your own life from your own personal agenda, serving the world in a way that allows you and everyone to win. You'll learn how to:

Employ old-school toughness
Run your own mind
Employ your unlimited will
Become immune to adversity
Capture proper perspective in order to maximize happiness
Engage the world in a meaningful way
Be healthy, centered and strong
Love yourself, love others and do it intelligently

If you take action on this information, you will become the person you've always wanted to be. You will become “Unstoppable.”

The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide: How to Survive the Recession, Handle Layoffs, Raise Emergency Cash, Thwart an Employee Coup, and Avoid Other Potential Disasters
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Lee was a featured contributor to this popular book released in September of 2009. If your business is suffering, this might just be the book for you.

One of many great revues on the book!

"Wow! This book is truly amazing! It has helped me save my business. I was able to protect myself and my employees. The "How To's" like "How to get cash fast" was so straight to the point. The part on "The Rules" was like a guide to me. This is a real business saver! I wish I came across this book when I was starting my business so that I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble researching and stressing myself out. Now, I am very confident that my business will strive in the years to come and even, hopefully, grow globally. Thank you very much Mark and David"!