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LA Parker
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LA parker, a published writer, speaker, photographer & social entrepreneur is passionate about the work of transformation, utilizing his gifts/experience as teacher, facilitator, story-teller, coach. He is Founder/President of BridgeWORKS, an education consulting group dedicated to strengthening the heart and soul of corporate and community cultures. Parker's first career track was in business as a commercial banker & small business owner. Seven years experience in sales/marketing with an international office products/paper corporation. He has been engaged in corporate/community leadership as teacher, writer & social entrepreneur for more than 25 years. Parker was listed in Who's Who for his creative work in social/community environments. Published in numerous magazines & periodicals ranging in topic from leadership/relationships/sales/ marketing, life balance, etc.

Featured in ABC affiliate documentary on Balancing Work & Family for his creative, empowering work in corporate environments. Selected by Microsoft as design consultant/workshop providers to help them help their employees balance the intense demands of their work, their passion for relationships and the rest of life. Currently authoring Real Balance. It's all About the Trades and BEING THERE, Practicing Your Presence with your Children.