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The Boss Band is a multi-faceted, high energy eight piece band of immense talent, a group of highly professional musicians whose music reflects the multitude of talents within. Led by keyboards and sax player Miles Donahue who has had ten CDs released and written a jazz instructional book published by Mel Bay books, the band includes other quality members such as a male vocalist who was crowned Best Singer of Boston 2003 by radio station WILD, a female vocalist who has won the President's Award at the Berklee College of Music, trumpet, trombone, bass, guitar and percussion players who will altogether provide unmatchable experiences and deep academic knowledge of music from variety of genre.

Their live performances create a sound that mirrors the original version of each of your favorite tunes. There is no substitute for the live performance of music by a tight, cookin' band, and The Boss Band will gladly bring that kind of quality to your special occasions. The band is totally entertaining and will definitely motivate people to dance and participate in your special event.

If you want your music to sound like it does on your CD, The Boss Band is the choice. They play every style of music authentically and will keep every age group involved in your party.

Flat Fee Pricing

In the Greater Boston Cambridge Area

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The Boss Band: $4975.00 Including all sound and production for up to 4 hours

Remember if travel is required or your engagement is on a holiday date, an additional fee may apply.