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Northwest String Quartet
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The Northwest String Quartet began in 1985 with four members of the Cascade Symphony Orchestra. violinists are Janine and Allen Goss. Violist is Bob Thrugood, and cellist is Colleen Loewen. All have extensive training and experience in small chamber groups, symphony orchestras and as soloists. The NSQ music library includes Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern periods, "Broadway" show tunes, popular songs, religious, wedding, and seasonal music. We can arrange special music (to accompany singers, for example) for an additional fee. Our demonstration CD contains segments of popular music used for wedding ceremonies, grouped in the order they are usually played: Processsional, Ceremony, and Recessional. Frequently we invite our clients to attend one of our rehearsals when makiing "just the right choice" proves to be difficult.