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Mark Thompson Ventriloquist Comedy
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Corporate Events/Clubs and Associations
Appreciation Dinners, Socials, Picnics, Holiday Events, Receptions, Convention and Trade Shows

Adult Presentations
Mark's act is highly interactive. His characters have fun with selected employees whom they call to the stage to sing and dialogue with. This always makes for a great and hilarious impact. The material is funny, clean, and wholesome. Mark's program is a great way to celebrate working relationships and friendships. It gives everyone a chance to laugh and have a good time together. Family and Children's Shows

Mark's family and children's shows are fun for all ages. Mark's ability to entertain the entire family is outstanding. When you want to provide the finest in family entertainment you will be more than satisfied with Mark's performance. Parents love to see their kids having fun. Kids also love to know that their parents are having fun. Everyone from pre-school through even the 6th grade are intrigued by the show. Even junior high and high school students stand in line after the show to get Mark's autograph (now that's amazing). Groups continually invite Mark back to perform because of the great time everyone has together.

Festivals & Fairs
Mark, Kirby and Company engage a crowd of thousands for forty minutes on the Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL Mark thrills family audiences with his high energy charisma and charming cast of adorable puppet characters. For uniquely mobile audiences, Mark's presentation is packed full of high paced energy. His show is a proven mix of music, comedy, audience participation and variety. His lively musical numbers draw a great response. From a trumpet playing tiger and a zany singing bird, to a radio disk jockey who lives on a farm, Mark's show celebrates the fun and joy of community life.