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David Wood - Speaker Comedian Adventurer
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Yogi Berra said it best:

a humorous keynote for Corporations and Associations

This one-hour keynote is ideal for organizations that want to successfully deal with change and overcome resistance! Through his hilarious travel tales and timely business points, around-the-world adventurer and humorist David Wood zeros in on four key elements:

Thinking on Your Feet
Overcoming Resistance

These elements were crucial to David as he recently circumnavigated-the-globe on an assortment of trains, planes, cars, vans, buses, ferries, jeeps, two camels suffering from extreme halitosis, and one ornery elephant with sore feet. En route David became completely lost, hopelessly stranded, suffering horrific bouts of food poisoning and two cases of ghastly altitude sickness and enduring no less than threat of death in China. He was booted out of the Ukraine by armed guards in the middle of the night while traveling to Russia, got caught in the middle of a nasty civil war in Nepal, and survived violent uprisings in Bolivia. One man's quest has never been so much fun or so informative. Here's what's in it for you team:

More confidence
More laughter
More enthusiasm
More flexibility

David combines humor, wonderful personal tales, and audience interaction for a management presentation which encourages people to disrupt their comfort zones and re-energize, not only their day, but their lives!

"You are one funny guy! I also want to thank you for being such an inspiration. You are one of the most motivating people I have ever met. Thanks for the wonderful talk!" Cindy Chapman - 3M Worldwide