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Dr Feel Good
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DOCTOR FEEL GOOD, has opened up a new era in entertainment with his hypnosis/comedy/improv show. By taking suggestions directly from audience members, the DOCTOR, puts together a show that really gives the audience what they really want. His fast paced energetic show is both respectful to his subjects, and edgy, with a repertoire of hundreds of skits, and a catalog of 1001 sound effects. The DOCTOR opens up the floor to suggestions from his audience and uses these suggestions to have the subjects of his show operate like a seasoned improv troupe instead of a traditional hypnosis show, while all the while, still giving a respectful nod to classic hypnosis routines that people love. With the skill of a plastic surgeon, DOCTOR FEEL GOOD gives these routines a much needed face-lift, and brings them up to date. The improve routines create a unique style of show that other hypnotists do not dare to attempt. Relying on his quick wit, and his hypnotic skill, the DOCTOR runs a 3-ring circus of hypnosis comedy with the flair, charm, and skill of a ringmaster. Fun, funny, and far out, the DOCTOR brings the glamour of Vegas to each venue with his quick thinking, and lightning fast reactions, to create a show like no other, where anything can happen, and often does. The one thing you can count on, is, if the DOCTOR is in, a good time will be had by all