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Dave Anderson Speaker/Comedian
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Turns ordinary audience conversation into hilarious comedy routine
C*-Rated Humor (*Corporate Approved)
Staff comedy writer for top NBC shows
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"The quickest wit around. " "An extremely funny, bright comic. " "Ad libs better than most. " These are just some of the things critics have written about comedian Dave Anderson. One thing all the critics agree on, Dave is funny without being offensive. A rare accomplishment in today's comedy circles.

Dave began his career at a weekly comedy showcase in Portland, Oregon. Week after week he would entertain audiences with his clean, original material and lightning quick improvisational skills. Soon he was performing at comedy clubs and colleges across the United States and Canada.

It wasn't long before the comedy road led Dave to the bright lights of Hollywood, California. In 1986, Dave was asked to appear on the "CBS Morning Show." He made his national television debut at 7:10 in the morning. A little early to create the next superstar, but it was enough to convince a producer at rival NBC that Dave was funny. Two weeks later he was hired as a staff comedy writer for NBC's comedy game show "Wordplay." "That job was a bittersweet experience," he says. "I would often write jokes for 12 or more hours a day preparing for the next set of shows, but the constant writing made me a better comedian."

It certainly did. Soon after "Wordplay" shut down production, Dave was busy appearing in front of the camera again on such television shows as: "Star Search," "An Evening at the Improv," "Showtime," Fox's "Comedy Express," and VH-1's "Stand-up Spotlight." From 1996-1998, Dave was the host of "Cool Stuff From the Cosmos" on the Sci-Fi channel and prior to that was both host and reporter for "Around Town" on KOIN TV in his home town of Portland, Oregon. He currently is a contributing writer for the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and co-host of the "Mark & Dave Show" on 1190 KEX in Portland. Dave has just released his first comedy CD, "Who Will Find Me, Who Will Care?"

Not bad for a guy whose first time on stage was as he puts it, "death, my first show was eleven minutes long and I don't think one person laughed," says Anderson. Things have certainly changed since then.

Today, the audiences not only laugh, they play a major role in Dave's show. He involves them easily and quickly, cashing in on the spontaneity of each moment. His unique ability to turn ordinary conversations into hilarious comedy routines has made him a highly sought after act for some of the nation's top comedy clubs, colleges and corporate events. Because of his quick wit and audience rapport, no two shows are ever exactly alike.

"His ability to interact with the audience makes his stand-up routine special and unexpected. "
- Rite Aid

"Dave fit in like he's known us and our project for years. "
- Tektronix

"The quickest wit around. "
- The Oregonian

"Anderson can swiftly catch on to and cash in on the pulse of each audience."
- The Columbian --------------------------------------------------------------------------------